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    What Is So Important About The Horse?

    Occupy Chicago seems to be shifting the point of their protests.

    I was under the impression that what the Occupy crowd wanted was tax reform, less corporate money in our politics, and Wall Street accountability. Occupy Chicago seems to be obsessed with “taking back the Horse”.

    Occupy Chicago was offered the Thompson Center by the city, which is much closer to the Fed and City Hall. It is a better headquarters than the Horse. It is a place where the city is saying the whole crowd can gather to protest and be heard. They are offering a permanent place for Occupy Chicago to exercise its First Amendment rights.

    TAKE IT. There is no significance to the Horse as it pertains to the cause.

    The Occupy Chicago GA seems to believe that their right to peacefully assemble is being threatened. It isn’t. Grant Park closes at 11. It is a law. It is so the CPD doesn’t have to spend more of your tax dollars having police patrol a massive park that stretches the length of the south loop. Instead they can have more police patrol your neighborhood and keep your family safe.

    The police are not trying to silence anyone. All the protestors who aren’t arrested are left to peacefully assemble on the sidewalk across the street. Also remember that the cops are NOT the bad guys. Civil disobedience resulting in arrests makes the cops look like the villain and they are just another group of the 99%, doing the jobs they need to feed their families.

    On the subject of getting arrested for the Horse: What is the point? If you were protesting the park closing at 11, I’d understand how that gesture makes sense. But you’re not. You’re protesting laws that make it possible for the top 1% to continue squashing the rest of us. That has nothing to do with the park. The park is not significant. Now you folks who got arrested have fines, bail, court fees, and lawyers to pay. Congrats, you just added to your personal financial crisis because you wouldn’t leave an unimportant landmark to protest across the street.

    Being arrested in Grant Park only serves to make the point that anyone has the right to go/be wherever they want whenever they want. That’s not practical, to the Occupy movement or otherwise. Do I have the right to be in the Oval Office whenever I want just because I feel like it? No. Some places close or are off-limits for reasons. I know this is just a park. It’s not the Oval Office. But it closes for a reason that serves you. If you don’t like the Oval Office analogy, how about the Harold Washington Library? It’s made for the public and owned by the city. Would you expect to be allowed in the library after 11? No, they’d have to spend tax dollars on paying employees to work and keeping all the lights and heat on. Kind of like paying police to patrol the largely empty nighttime park. You don’t need to protest in that particular park to make your point. Don’t get arrested. Cross the street and carry on protesting.

    I am begging the Occupy Chicago movement to remember its purpose. You are being offered a place (which I think is much better) to make protest headquarters. So….

    Do you want to protest? Or do you want a statue?

    Decide what’s important, re-evaluate your goals, and stick to them.

    We are starting to miss the point entirely and I don’t want to see such and important stand against greed and corruption fall apart because a bunch of people starting feeling that the Horse was more important than the cause.

    I am part of the 99%, and I want us to win. The obsession over “Taking Back the Horse” is not helping anything.

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